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I’m not impressed!

I had a pretty crappy day at work yesterday.. and came home to find that my internet connection had died! Argh!

After a few phone calls today, BT have confirmed that there seems to be a fault on the line, and they need to send out an engineer. As we’re out and about tomorrow (car into garage, doctors appts etc), I’ve had to book it for Friday. So until then, I’m back on the dreaded dial up!

And on top of that, I have a migraine, that just won’t go away!

Someone pass me my duvet, I’d like to hide for a while!


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Your ‘Blog Reading’ Style

Do you have set blogs that you try to visit regularly? Are they in your favourites, or do you use a RSS reader? Or, do you visit various blogs only when you remember them?

And once there, do you stick with the same ones, or go exploring the blogs that they link to?

These days I use Google Reader.. if I see a blog I like, I add it.. if I get bored with it after a while, I can take it out again. And yes, I often click on some links.. especially if the title looks interesting.

How about commenting? Do you ‘read and run’, comment only if you feel you have something to say, or do you try to comment whenever possible?

And yes, if you read this, I’d appreciate a comment. <grin> I do like to know who’s visited. 🙂

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Sexiest Song Ever?

Not sure about the video though! LOL

Agree, disagree…?? 🙂

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What sort of friend are you..?

I hope that I’m a good friend.. I try to keep in touch as much as I can, I try to remember birthdays and the such, I try to make those little gestures that would mean so much to me.

Every now and again, I find a friend who seems to think the same way. (Waves at Katherine in particular – one person who emails as much as I do! lol) But often, I find myself feeling as if I’m making most of the effort. With some, I actually wonder what would happen if I stopped emailing/phoning. Would they even notice, would they care?

I’m yet to work out if I overdo it, if friendships mean more to me than it does to others, or if I simply expect too much.

So how about you, do you make an effort with your friends or are you happy for them to do it? Do you get annoyed if people contact you too much.. is it possible to over-do it?

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Amy & Louis

Amy & Louis, Snoozing!

On Sunday, Amy had herself a little nap. I left the room, and when I came back, Louis had obviously decided to join her. Don’t they make a cute pair!? hehe

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Not A Morning Person

My hubby will happily get up at some silly hour, and take his time getting ready in the morning. Bethany jumps out of bed as soon as she is woken, and is often the first one up and about at the weekends.

As for me.. I HATE waking up! I like my warm bed, and I like sleep.. so to be forced out of both is just horrible. And of course, it’s worse now the winter is settling in.. it’s cold and dark out there, and warm and cosy in my bed! lol

Most days I’m more alert after about half an hour, running around trying to get the girls ready for school. But some days it takes until lunchtime for me to feel awake. And occasionally I don’t really feel awake all day!

Amy takes after me.. she does NOT like being woken up, and will quickly hide under a cushion once brought downstairs!

So how about you.. do you hate mornings, or embrace them?!

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Bewildered Mum…

The other day I showed Beth how to make a cup of tea (watching carefully that she was sensible with the hot water) and since then, she asks us every 10 mins if we’d like a cup.. and brings it in with a big smile!

She’s also started asking to do the washing up, and was even teaching her little sister how to do it! She was also trying to help her dad make the dinner today.

I’ve also had a rough weekend with headaches, and late this afternoon I had to go hide under my duvet for half an hour. Glen was busy up in the loft, so Beth got something to eat for both her and her sister.. without being asked!

So here’s the big question.. how long is it going to last?!! lol

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