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It’s happened again, I’ve found another great author! Rebecca Royle contacted me, and very kindly sent me a copy of both her books.

Lucy’s Monster, her debut, is a dark tale of major celebrities, dealing with undiagnosed schizophrenia and drug abuse. It builds to an amazing crescendo half way through, then leads you to the touching ending.

As often happens with books sent to me, I wasn’t sure what I would make of this one, but Rebecca’s style just caught hold, and wouldn’t let go. If you’re looking for something different and gripping, this may be for you.

Her second book, E11even Terrible Months, is a realistic ghost story, set in Yorkshire. At times, it comes across as being a little too factual, like a report, but I think that’s where the strength of the book lies. It doesn’t go for gory frights, or horror clichés, just the chilling experiences of a normal family.

As a bonus, the books are limited editions, with E11even Terrible Months being a gorgeous hardback. You can read my reviews on the book forum.. and if you’re quick, you can enter the competition!

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28 Weeks Later

I really enjoyed ’28 Days Later’.. great opening, storyline etc. ’28 Weeks Later’ also had great reviews, and today we finally got to watch it.

Well, I think I must be watching a different film to the reviewers. They’ve just tried to make this film as gory as they can, to the point of being ridiculous.


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Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone who celebrates this day (and what a lovely tradition it is!), may I wish you a lovely day. 🙂

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Ok, so this may make me sound a little sad, but I’m loving this program, as always! I’m not sure about the ‘celebrity’ bit this year, as I hardly know any of them.. but they’re fun, just the same.

My favourite? She can be annoying, but Janice Dickinson can be so funny. She doesn’t care what she says, and boy, was she surprised by the trials!

Mind you, she says that the people who think them up are sick, and I tend to agree. It’s also good to see someone acting like most people would, and refusing to do some. I mean, come on.. it always amazes me that these people will stick their hands and heads into boxes of spiders, snakes, scorpions etc.. and as for eating live bugs, animal testicles etc… EEWWW!

Least favourite? Lynne Franks. There’s just something about her I don’t like! Mind you, as cute as he is, Marc is second at the moment.. does he really expect his girlfriend not to care that he’s cozying up to Cerys every opportunity he can?!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Christopher Biggins brings to the camp!

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Motorbike rant!

Did I miss the part in the Highway Code where motorbikes have completely different rules to car drivers? Last night, as I drove along at the correct speed limit, I had a motorbike drive right up my backside, then as soon as he could, her overtook me, and shot off into the distance!

It suddenly hit me that this is no new thing, and in fact happens all the time. When we’re following the speed limit, how comes bikes feel they can go well over it?!

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It’s happened ~ we’ve reached that point in Amy’s life where this is her favourite word! No matter what we tell or ask her, we get the response of “Why?” And even when we tell her why, that gets followed by.. yes, yet another “Why?”.


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Girls With Taste!

A while ago, Bethany decided that she liked The Beatles, with Please Please Me being her favourite album of theirs.

Today I put on one of my Kinks’ albums.. Amy immediately started trying to sing along, and the announced she liked these songs!

What can I say.. they have their mum’s good taste! <grin>

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