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Dr Who Exhibition

Today was the long awaited visit to London, to see the Dr Who Exhibition. I booked the tickets back in Feburary, and have somehow managed to keep it a secret from Beth.

Anyway, after a couple of hours travelling (some silly idiot decided to schedule engineering works on both the District and Circle lines!), we spent a wonderful hour wandering around, looking at exhibits from the various shows.

You can find the photos I took here, and some point I shall try to upload some little videos to YouTube soon.

The best section just had to be the animated Daleks – we both loved it!

Well worth a visit!


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Been a busy day..

The girls and I have been busy.. we stripped all the beds, emptied out and cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the whole house, did TONS of washing, drying, putting clothes away and ironing, and tidied. I also cooked a nice casserole for dinner, and the girls and I made some rather yummy cookies.

Ok, so when written down, it doesn’t sound much, but believe me, it took up most of the day!

Oh, and when I say ‘we’, that’s quite a loose term of course. The girls did do a little, but they kept wandering off to do other things. Funny how a DS seems more attractive than cleaning!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do very little – some reading would be good! 🙂

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Chessington World of Adventures

Yesterday we took a trip to Chessington. I’ve been before, a few years ago, but it seems to have expanded and developed since then. The first area we entered into was Land of the Dragons, which has the most amazing ride, Dragon’s Fury.  The cars on this one actually spin round, so you never know if you’re going to go backwards, front-ways, and side-ways! There was no way in this world I would have gotten on it, but it was great to watch!

The girls enjoyed the Flying Jumbos, Tiny Truckers, Toadie Cars, and the Carousel, all found in ToyTown. Beth loved the Runaway Train, and Amy was quite upset that I wouldn’t let her have a go! Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade Beth to ride The Vampire.. but given a couple of years, I think she’ll give in!

My other favourite ride to watch is Rameses Revenge.. although I can’t understand why people would want to put themselves through that! LOL

Of course, the nice thing about Chessington is that it’s not all about the rides. We enjoyed seeing the big cats and the gorillas, and the new Sealife Aquarium is a great addition.

All in all, a great day out.. but a very tiring one! 🙂

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So, last night saw the first episode of the new series.. and we were all sitting there at 6:20, ready to watch! My general thought was that it was set a little too ‘young’.. it reminded of a Sarah Jane episode. However, as an opener, it was great fun.. and they have the rest of the series to develop the darker episodes.

Mr David Tennant was as sexy as ever.. it’s strange to think that I was upset when Christopher Eccleston left, and now I just adore his successor.

Catherine Tate.. she still annoys me, but she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. I hope she keeps the comedy stuff reined in a little.. although the suitcases were funny.

Best bit for me.. when The Doctor and Donna were trying to communicate through the glass, and Miss Foster spotted them. Plus, of course, every moment with the Adipose.. does anyone else think they’ll be in the shops soon?!

I’ve had to come back to this, because I forgot to mention the ending.. Rose! I hated the idea of her coming back, when I first heard it.. but I’m beginning to think that if it’s well done (by that, I mean a very good explanation for her getting back, plus it not being permanent) I think it might be good. I believe she’s not going to feature properly until the finale.. I wonder how many brief glimpses we will get before then?

Bring on the next 12 weeks!

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As I mentioned previously, we went to see this quartet of singers at our local theatre.. what a fabulous evening! They take songs from various musicals, ranging from Phantom of the Opera, to Spamalot, so there is a variety to suit everyone. The four voices are very different, so they are capable of presenting this wide range. It’s great to hear favourite songs, and also interesting to take a listen to some I haven’t yet heard.

The evening culminates with a selection of songs from Les Mis, which I just adored. I was, however, very disappointed that they didn’t include Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. For me, the highlights were Bohemian Rhapsody and One Day More. I shall be watching out for them to come back!

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