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One Day To Go!

The removal men are in the process of packing us up, and my house is slowly disappearing into a lorry!!

Of course, I’m not letting them get their hands on my router and laptop! LOL


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Preparing For Moving Day

When we moved down from London, we paid extra for the full packing service, and it was fantastic! We hardly did anything.. we’d already had a bit of a clear out, so we sat back whilst they came in, packed us up, then moved us.

This time, we’ve gone for the same service, but it hasn’t bee so easy this time. For one thing, we only had one 2 year old in our last house.. this time that little one is 8, and we have an extra 3 year old! LOL So, LOTS more stuff!

In addition, because our new house has lots of fitted wardrobes/cupboards, we’ve had to get rid some of our bedroom furniture, and rearrange what’s left. There are clothes on the floor, units will be swapping contents, etc.. I’m having to make sure it’s as organised as poss, so our removers know where to put everything.

We’ve also managed to accumulate alot of junk over the six years.. every time I’ve cleared out a cupboard, I’ve found more stuff to get rid of. What with the furniture too, I think I have about half a house now!

Ooh..this time next week, we’ll probably be waiting for that phone call, to say we can pick up the keys!! 😀

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The trouble with bunkbeds…

..is changing the bedding!

To do the top one, I have to climb up there, then try to come down the ladder without losing my footing. To do the bottom one, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve hit my head or back!

The things we do for our kids! LOL

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Change Of Address – Who To Inform?

Ok, so finally, we’re moving..and I’ve started thinking of all the people and places that need to be informed of our new address; and I’m sure I’mgoing to miss some.

So, aside from the obvious ones, such as banks, gas, sky, broadband etc.. who else can you think of. I thought if I grabbed the ideas of all those who pass through, I’m more likely to remember everything.

Thanks! 🙂

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We’re There!

We’ve just exchanged, and we move house on the 27th! I now have LOTS to sort out!

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Kids and Reading

I love to read, and always have done. I am really hoping that my girls will be the same. At 3, Amy is very keen on books.. she loves going to the library, and will happily sit with someone whilst they read to her. I hope it lasts.

Bethany certainly has no problem with the ‘mechanics’ of books.. she whizzed through her reading stages at school, and I’ve recently noticed that she’s much better at understanding the story. She sometimes reads to Amy, and she makes them sound really good. 🙂

However, she’s not reached that point where she ‘enjoys’ her own books. When she says she’s bored, it has to be suggested that she reads, rather than her reaching for a book as I would do; and I’m yet to find a longer book that she will get into. She’d rather read short, easy books.

What about your children.. are they keen readers; any recommendations for an 8 year old who’s more of a tom boy? And what about you, were you a childhood bookworm?

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Still Nearly…

The confirmation never came.. the people above us in the chain are NOT happy with next week, and want the one after.

In a way, I’m happier, because it gives me more time to organise everything. However, as I type, a day is still not agreed on, and until we have one, my stress levels feel off the scale!

I just hope this house is as good as I remember.. I am NEVER doing this again!!

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