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Summer Holidays

There was no actual holiday away for us this year, due to various reasons, so I made sure that hubby and I had a week off together, and we’ve tried to keep busy.

Our first main day out was to Clacton, and thankfully we did well with the weather. There are some good rides on the pier, so armed with their wrist-bands, the girls had a good time. We also spent a short time on the rather crowded beach, and the Amy paddled in the sea.

Clacton Photos

Our other day out was to Colchester Zoo. Again, pretty good weather, and a fun time spotting the animals, but it was spoilt a little by some annoying wasps. They were all over the food areas, and the bins. We still managed to enjoy ourselves.

Colchester Zoo Photos

Other than that, we’ve been shopping for school uniform, bowling, and getting out on our bikes.. weather allowing! Amy is continuing to do well without stabilisers, Beth is enjoying her new bike, and my lovely mum bought me my own bike yesterday, so we can all go out together. 😀

Until the girls are back at school, I’m only working one day a week, so we still have a little holiday left, even if poor hubby is at work. Mind you, in two and a half weeks, Amy will be heading back to school, and Beth will be starting her new one! The summer is going fast!

What have you been up to?


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