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Happy Christmas!

I’m not sure how many people actually visit or read, but if you do, may I wish you a very happy Christmas-time, and all the best for the New Year! 🙂


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It happened…

It seems the bugs finally caught up with me.. I’m not feeling at all well today! And I thought my immune system was looking after me.. 😦

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Ups and Downs

Well, there have been ups and downs recently – first Glen was unwell, closely followed by Bethany! However, that did mean that we all got to have some lazy days.. which I think we all needed!

Amy’s been busy, with a nursery Christmas party on Wednesday, and a visit to the pantomime on Thursday (again, with the nursery). Mind you, going out out to get her in the COLD air wasn’t much fun!

I had a wonderful package in the post from one of my favourite authors, Raven Hart.. I have a VERY early preview of her 4th book, The Vampire’s Betrayal. Considering that the book before it isn’t yet published, I feel very privileged! The parcel had other little gifts in it, and it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 🙂

Today I had another surprise gift come from someone, which I thought was a lovely thought.

Sadly, Katherine’s parcel has failed to arrive, and that was one I was looking forward too. Somewhere during it’s long journey over the ocean, it’s gone missing. As well as this, I fear I’m slowly losing contact with another friend of mine.. things are changing, and that also makes me sad.

Oh.. rewinding a little, last weekend I ended up cancelling the party I had planned, because far too many people were letting us down. Maybe a bad time of year.. maybe we’re just not interesting enough, I don’t know. I’m debating trying again for my birthday, but am not sure how I would feel if once again, everyone has better plans.

The worse news of the lot however, was that my best friend was burgled during the night.. whilst they slept upstairs. The loss, the disruption, the feeling of your own space being violated.. it’s just horrible. 😦

On a more pleasant note, they’re all coming to visit on Sunday, to nose at our new home. It’s always a nice day for all, so I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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