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Here we go again…

Amy’s teacher has planned an end of year party in the classroom. Yes, a very nice idea.. if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a themed party, and they have to make costumes!

I’m just NO good at that!

The theme is ‘Under the Sea’, and Amy being Amy, she wants to be a mermaid. So, today I’ve been shopping.. I bought a black and pink sarong in an adult size, then a gorgeous pink kids top, which has sparkly silver over it. The idea being with these two items is that we can get some use out of them at other times.

I’ve then added a a pink flower hair band, which she can wear on her wrist, and a flowery hair band; plus some silver crepe paper to make a silver tail.

I’m actually quite pleased with myself, and I’m praying that it all works when she tries it on!


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Girls dropped off at school – check
Shopping done and unpacked – check
1st lot of washing out on the line – check
2nd lot in machine – check
Coffee made and drank – check

An exciting Wednesday morning, huh? Still, I’m now catching up on some Voyager episodes, and I’m about to pull together the 1st guest post for the BCF Blog. 🙂

By the way, the new header to the blog is the view for just below my grandparent’s garden in Wales – lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

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The Hunt for a New Car

I did love my car, but it was getting rather old – services were starting to get pricey, as there was always something to sort, the heating was rubbish in the winter, and there was often a worrying whiff of petrol!

So, we set ourselves a budget, and went looking.. with not much luck! We then started to look at using the scrappage deal, pushing our budget, and getting a brand new one.. with not much luck!

After our holiday, we decided to look again at used cars, but with that higher budget.. and I chose a 3 year old Fiesta…

New Car

It’s a 1.25 Climate, which means I get air con for the first time.. as well as a heated windscreen, and the all important CD player! :0)

The only downside is that I’ve gone from a Ghia, so the inside does feel a little more plasticy – but it feels roomier, and it drives very nicely! It’s also rather ‘black’.. both inside and out, so it will need some personal touches.

A friend of mine has informed me that it needs a name, and that it’s a ‘she’.. but Beth tells me it’s a boy! lol Does your car have a name and/or gender?!?

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Wales 2009

Thursday 28th May
Believe it or not, pretty much the whole day was spent packing and preparing! Although the weather forecast was promising, I know it can’t always be relied upon, so I was trying to plan for all eventualities.. without overdoing it.

Friday 29th
We set off about 9:30, and drove down in lovely weather. 🙂 Unfortunately the traffic was rather rubbish, plus hubby got us lost for a short time, so we didn’t arrive until about 5. We unloaded the car, then Glen and I drove back to Carmarthen, to do some shopping. A long day, but happy to be there.

Saturday 30th
I woke in the morning, looked out the window, and saw some baby rabbits – how cute!

After a trip into Carmarthen, we spent some time with my grandparents – still amazed by the wonderful weather.

Sunday 31st
A trip into Ferryside, where we had a lovely Sunday lunch, then played on the beach for a while. Whilst waiting for lunch, the girls made friends with 2 rather cute dogs in the pub garden.

Monday 1st June
Whilst mum had a quiet day, Glen and I took the girls to Saundersfoot. Smothered in sun cream, I was still worried about us all getting burnt – it was that hot! Amy loves digging in the sand, and they both had a great time playing in the water. 🙂

Tuesday 2nd
Today was our trip to Folly Farm – this is somewhere we’ve been visiting for years, and it gets better every time we go. They have various animal areas, outdoor play, indoor play, and an old fashioned fun fair. Usually we need the indoor areas to escape from the rain, but for once it was the sun we were escaping from! Highlight of the day for me were the meerkats who came creeping up begging when they realised I had ice cream! 🙂

Wednesday 3rd
Our second trip to Carmarthen, and then my grandparents – it’s been lovely to see them, but always sad to walk away. During the early evening, Glen and I took the girls to the local beach – they collected shells, and I relaxed! 😀

Thursday 4th
A nice relaxed day – a further trip to Ferryside, then organising the packing etc

Friday 5th
Our journey home.. and for the first time we saw clouds and rain!

I know it doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting week, but it was very relaxing, the weather was unbelievably wonderful, and I spent time with my grandparents. 🙂

Photos can be found here.

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