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I haven’t updated The Cornflake in a long time! So, let me see…

As my last post was about Bethany passing her 11+, that’s a good place to start. She was accepted to Dartford Grammar, and we’ve been busy getting her ready to go. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I think it suits her well there. We’ve been to some induction events, and they are very supportive of their news girls, so that’s good to know.

We’ve started buying some of the uniform and equipment she needs, and I’m trying not to add it all up in my head! She’s also working her way through some transition material.

Of course, moving on to ‘big school’ means leaving her primary school, which I’m finding emotional, never-mind Beth! lol  She’s had the leavers’ party and the leavers’ assembly, and today is her last ever day.

Her final report was a lovely one. She’s consistently above the national average, she did really well in her SATs, and the comments from her teacher were just lovely. She should be very proud of herself!

I’m also pleased to say The Little Madam (aka Amy) also had a very good report. She’s also consistently above average, and had some nice comments – although she apparently loves performing little dance shows out on the play ground! lol

As for us, it’s been quite eventful. Glen lost his dad last year, and they’ve been moving his mum into a lovely new sheltered flat.

I’ve left my permanent job, and am working self employed. It has it good and bad points, but I think the good is just about winning out. I also experienced a rather painful back earlier this year, which was very frightening. It sorted itself out with some diazepam and strong painkillers, but it’s left rather nervous of doing it again!

We also had a very ill cat (Hannah) earlier this year. She cost us quite a bit at the vets, but she’s doing great now.

I think that’s it…. I’ll try to get back sooner! :0)


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