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Ok, let’s see if I can make an effort again. 🙂

Not a good start to my morning today, as I woke with a migraine. 😦 Thankfully my triptan worked, but it took about and hour and half.. during which time I had to get dressed, get the girls ready, and take them to school.

Anyway, the sun that was shining when I got up has disppeared, and it is COLD. I came in from shopping, put on the heating and a cosy cardigen, and settled down with a coffee and a cookie!

Talking of coffee.. I somehow managed to lose part of my dolce gusto coffee machine over the weekend. I have NO idea where it’s gone, but it unfortunately means that I can’t use the machine. Considering I love it so much, I had no choice but to raid my savings, and buy a new one…

Cappuccino anyone? 😉


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Once again, I haven’t blogged for over a month! Yes, I’ve been busy, but I have to admit, opening the dashboard, writing a post, and publishing it all seems like too much hard work! On facebook, I just type in a quick status, and I’m done!

There’s also the issue that I probably get more comments on my facebook statuses than I do on here.

Maybe, however, the biggest problem is that my life doesn’t really feel exciting enough to blog about! I have had quite a few thoughts about swine flu, but I think you’ve probably all heard plenty about that! LOL

Who knows, maybe I’ll suddenly start finding things to ramble about again soon, or maybe I’ll be lazy and stick to facebook!? 😉

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