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Proud Mum Moment…

Bethany handed me a letter this evening, which began:

Bethany has been placed on the Able and Talented Register in the following subject(s): Literacy, Numeracy, Design and Technology.

The children on the literacy and numeracy registers work once a week in a small group with the named teacher for this register. This just happens to be Bethany’s favourite teacher, which hopefully means she’ll get a lot out of it.

I’m still smiling! :0)


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Ringo ‘too busy’ for authographs..

This has been reported by the BBC..


Former Beatle Ringo Starr will no longer sign memorabilia for fans and will throw away all fan mail he receives in the future, he has said.

“Please do not send fan mail to any address you have,” he said in a video message on his website.

“Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it’s gonna be tossed.

“I’m warning you with peace and love I have too much to do,” the 68-year-old drummer said.

Dressed in black clothes and dark glasses, Starr said it was “a serious message to everybody watching”.

He added: “No more fan mail and no objects to be signed. Nothing.”

You know what, that really annoys me! If Ringo didn’t have ‘fans’, his records would not have sold. And yet now he rejects them all, complete with a rude (in my opinion) message.


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It changed again…

The theme, that is. I like the autumn look of this one. :0)

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As a youngster, ELO were one group I regularly listened to, along with The Beatles. Apparently, in the 90’s, ELO part II were formed, although this seemed to pass me by! Now, however, we have “The Orchestra”, which is made up by members of both these groups. They were playing last night at our local theatre, so my Mum and I went along to see them.

And I have to say, it made for a great evening!

The show opened with Twilight, taken from my very favourite ELO album, Time. Following that, they played many of the classic ELO songs.. but a lot more ‘rocky’ than before, with heavy bass and drums.

After the break, they came out to explain that the last time they toured, they had a support band, but this time they decided to do it themselves. Various members then played various songs.. some I had not heard of, but were great.. and my favourite was a beautiful version of Midnight Blue.

They then launched into the second half, which proved to be even rockier.. including their very own version of Twist of Shout. I couldn’t imagine this Beatles classic combined with a strong voice, and classic 70’s rock guitar sounds… but you know what, it worked!

Mr Blue Sky went down an absolute storm, and they finished to a full standing ovation, cheering and foot stamping. They kept us on our feet for their encore of Don’t Bring Me Down.. and as far as I’m concerned, that’s how we should have been for the whole second half!

If you expect groups to stay the same, and you want to listen to faithful reproductions, this may not be for you. But if you want to enjoy a great night out, whislt losing your hearing, pay out your cash, and go along! ;0)  I will be booking next time they come our way!

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This feels like a terrible thing to admit, but we have fleas in our house! :o(  Despite using the preventor drops on both cats, Hannah managed to get quite a few on her. She’s been given two treatments, because the first seem to have no effect, but now we’re working on the house.

Soon after we realised Hannah had a problem, I had to admit that Amy’s ‘gnat bites’ were in fact, probably ‘flea bites’.. oh, the shame, and the guilt!

I thought that I had escaped, but a few nights ago, I spent a few hours sleeping on the sofa, because my cough was waking up Glen so often. I cuddled up in the various fleeces down here.. and got bites on my ankles, and my body! Yuck!

Hannah likes sleeping on Amy’s bed, and as she was worse affected, we started up there – her floor and mattress were treated with flea powder, her duvet and pillows thrown away, and the covers treated to a hot wash (drown the buggers!! lol).

We then treated the rest of the carpets upstairs, and today I’ve done downstairs. Hopefully that will do the trick.. but I’m not sure it’s helped the shame!

Please, everyone else PLEASE comment, and tell me you’ve been through this too….

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An easy mistake to make?

A little boy asks his dad where poo comes from? Dad explains food passes down the oesophagus, to the stomach where the digestive enzymes induce a probiotic reaction in the alimentary canal to extract protein, before waste products descend via the colon and rectum to emerge as ‘poo’.

Blimey says his little boy, “so where does tigger come from?”

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An Update

I’ve not been blogging that much, so I thought maybe a general update..

The girls have been back to school for a few weeks now, and it seems to be going well. We’ve had no problems with Amy, she goes walking into school with a big smile, and obviously adores her teachers!

Bethany’s not quite so keen on school as she used to be, but she’s recently be chosen by her class to represent them in the school council, and that responsibility has boosted her up again.

For me, work has been ridiculously busy since the summer! At the moment, you can’t get an appointment with me for over four weeks. There’s also an MMR campaign underway.. I already do lots of immunisations, and now it takes up most of my time.

On top of that, ten days ago I woke with a very sore throat.. and I’m still not recovered! I’ve had a bad cold, and am now at that lovely point where I’m waking myself up in the night, coughing. Oh joy!

For hubby, he’s still taking his dad in for his chemotherapy.. on Wed they were there for about ten hours! His mum also goes in for surgery soon, to have a kidney removed. Difficult times.

As a final point.. when it comes to glasses, I would definitely tell people ‘should have gone to specsavers’! I had my eye test in Boots, then went out to pick some glasses. I need to get prescription sunglasses for driving, and so was pleased to see they had their ‘get one pair free’ deal. However, for some reason, this wasn’t as straight forward as normal. They seem to be putting an emphasis on designer frames, and their own ones weren’t really what I was looking for. I finally thought I’d sorted out a deal that worked, but when I sat down with the guy, he started adding on all sorts of extras, including £90 for the lenses in the designer frames! We were fast heading for £300!

I asked for my prescription, went down the road to specsavers, chose one frame, and got a second free. Free scratch resistant coating, £24 for the tint on the sunglasses, and I chose £24 for a reflective coating. £153, no surprising additions, decent frames.. simple!

Ok, time to get dressed, and start my weekend…

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