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I came early from the festival today because of a developing headache. I came in, took some tablets, sorted my photos, washed up, and did some ironing. Since Glen and the girls came back, I’ve taken a different tablet, eaten, done more washing up, put some washing in, and have bathed the girls.

Hubby came in with a headache.. he took some headaches, went to bed.. and is still there!



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Dartford Festival 08

Now when I was younger, it was Dartford Show, and I’m pretty sure there used to be a parade before it started. Now it’s a Festival, and the emphasis seems to be on the live stage, which has included lots of tribute bands, some local groups, etc.

However, it’s been a fun weekend.. the girls and I spent most of yesterday wandering around, and we all went back today. The girls have been on giant slides, bouncy castles and quad bikes, they have their faces painted, and wasted money on all sorts of things! We’ve listed to various bands and singers, including Jason Donovan, and today we watched the circus, which was pretty good.

The weather has been strange.. blue skies one minute, then big dark clouds.. and yet not one rained on us! It was also very windy. But hey, it’s July, and this is England. What do you expect.. Summer?! LOL

If you’re interested, there are a handful of photos to see.

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Two police officers were attacked by a mob in south London when they asked a 15-year-old girl to pick up some litter she dropped.

Metropolitan Police said one of the officers suffered injuries including a bite wound in the attack in Northend in Croydon, on Wednesday afternoon.

Up to 30 people attacked the officers when the girl refused to pick up the litter and became aggressive.

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I’m just speechless….

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July… or October??

We have just been to my daughter’s school sports day.. and we froze! They have a new school building, and the field/football pitch is not yet ready, so they had a 10 minute walk to a nearby field. On their way up, it started raining, but that did stop.. but the wind was making it very cold.

Us parents were wrapped in coats, and brandishing umbrellas.. these poor kids were in their sports kits! At least they were allowed their sweat shirts.

For one thing, why persevere, when the weather is so rubbish. But more importantly.. what is going on with our stupid weather?!!? I have come home, put on a cardigan, put on the heating, and made a hot cup of tea. And Amy has put on her dressing gown! LOL

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Dull Sunday

I’m not a fan of Sundays.. generally because of the fact that it means getting up early the next day, and going to work!  I also tend to find that I have a bit of a laundry build up on a Sunday – there is always clothes to wash, clothes to iron, and clothes to put away.. and quite a lot of them too! Hardly the most exciting way to spend my time.

On top of that, today’s weather is also dull. It’s JULY, and yet it’s cool, cloudy, and now spitting with rain!

However, what’s really depressing me today is that last night we saw the finale of this series of Doctor Who.. and I feel kinda lost! I’ve become a big fan over the past four years, and I ADORE Tennant’s Doctor. This series has been really good, I enjoyed the finale.. and now there will be no more until Christmas. Yes, I know it’s just a TV program, but still…

Roll on Christmas!

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