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It appears we weren’t quite finished with the good and bad. Once the usual weekly routine started, it felt a little better without Beth, and we had phone calls each evening, informing us that all was well.

On Tuesday, Amy came home with a letter, and the wonderful news that about 5 children in her class had been sent home after vomiting! The evening progressed fine, and we breathed a sigh of relief, but at 11:30pm, we were woken by her throwing up!

The poor little thing spent 2 days clinging onto her bowl, sometimes not even able to keep water down. We discovered that on Wednesday, there were only 9 children in her class.. and there are normally 30!

By Friday, however, she had bounced back, and was completely back to normal – but of course not able to go back to school. So I had to stay off work with her.

Having believed that I had escaped, I was dismayed to find myself feeling unwell Friday afternoon. Glen went down to the school to pick Beth up when the coach came in because I didn’t feel up to it.. and about 10 minutes after she was back home, I was running to the bathroom! 😦

I am NOT a good sick person, so I spent most of the weekend in my bed, feeling very sorry for myself. I even had to miss Amy’s little performance at her theatre school.

Mind you, I think it was needed! I was not well! 😉

Thankfully I’m doing much better now, and am just trying to get some energy back, but I have had to take 2 days off work, due to the potential infection risk. I don’t suppose I’ve been very popular!

So, hopefully the rollercoaster is over for a while, and life settles down. Glen has finally finished his jury service, so that should also help. 🙂


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