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Review Books

I’ve collected together the main books which I have to review at the moment. From the top down..

Amity and Sorrow – this one is from the new Headline imprint, Tinder Press. This one isn’t out for a while, but I did make a start the other day. And if this one is anything to go by, it’ll be an imprint worth watching!

Neptune’s Tears – from Piccadilly Press. Since taking the photo I’ve manage to finish this one. It’s an interesting sci-fi tale for teens, will link to full review once done.

Poltergeeks / Katya’s World / The Assassin’s Curse – these three were sent to me from another new imprint, Strange Chemistry. I’m really excited about these books, and about Strange Chemistry in general, as they seem to have some great looking titles lined up. I’m half-way through Poltergeeks, and as loving it so far.

Deathless – this is from Corsair, yet another brilliant imprint. I’ve reviewed a few for them now, and they’ve all been good, and I love this author’s children’s book.. I’m excited to see how she handles an adult’s book.

Struck / This Is How It Ends – both from amazon vine. I’ve read some of TIHIE, but it’s failing to grip me.

The Dog Stars – a surprise send from Headline. 🙂

I guess I need to get one with my reading!


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I’ve probably just confused people on twitter, so this is an easier way of doing it! Over on my forum, we have quite a few author interviews, and in the past we ran ‘Featured Author’, where we invited an author to register and hang around for a month whilst we threw questions at them! 😉

This feature became quite hard to organise, and I ran out of time for it all. Recently I’ve restarted ding interviews, but I much prefer to do these if I’ve read one of the author’s books – I prefer to make them personal, instead of a list of stock questions.

I’ve also tried this week to do the Featured Author section a little differently, making it more informal. I’ve renamed it ‘Author Chat’, and the duration of each can vary, depending on how busy the individual author is.

See the various ideas in action here – http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/28-author-interviews-and-forum-visits/

I’m aware that the more popular authors tend to be too busy for little forums like mine, and I’m also very keen to help newer authors get themselves known. However, I’m concerned that my forum members may not chat to authors if they haven’ read their books, or heard of them.

I’ve asked the forum members about it, and you can read about that here – http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10526-question-for-you-all/. What I also want to do is collect some opinions from authors, publishers etc – but you don’t need to register on the forum to give me your feedback.

Please leave me a comment here, or tweet me. I really want to know what everyone feels, so I can provide something everyone will appreciate and enjoy.  Would you be interested in popping in for a couple of weeks, and chatting to the forum members, and would it bother you if the response was low? Publishers, is this the sort of thing you would encourage your authors to get involved in?

All thoughts and ideas appreciated! 🙂

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