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Romney Sands 2008

We returned yesterday from a holiday at Romney Sands, and true to form, we had rather cold and windy August weather! There was some rain, but thankfully most was overnight, and when we got up.. by the time we were ready to get going, it was at least dry, and there was even some glimpses of sun!

We actually arrived on the Friday, and it was a nice day, so once the food was bought, Glen took the girls over to the beach, to build some sandcastles! I popped over a bit later, just to take the photos. :0)

The next day was windy but dry, so we took the girls to Dymchurch.. they went on some rides, had a ride on the donkeys, went in the indoor play area, played in the amusements, then went back on the donkeys! I also managed to pick up a few books in the Hospice book shop! ;0)

Later in the week we spent the afternoon in Rye, which I love – it just seems so very old, and very ‘English’, with some lovely little buildings, and the small castle.

For our trip on the RH&D Railway, we decided to go from New Romney to Hythe.. once there we took a little walk in the little bit of sun that popped out, had a cuppa in the cafe, then went back. Apart from that little bit of sun, it was a very cloudy day, with a LOT of wind! August? Huh!!

Apart from our trips out, the mornings were taken up getting everyone ready, and watching the Olympics, whilst the evenings were spent.. for Beth at least.. watching EastEnders and Big Brother! LOL At the beginning of the week, we didn’t bother with the going over to see the entertainment.. there’s an hour for the kiddies, with ‘Sparky‘ – they do dancing, competitions etc, but my two always sit there and refuse to join in…

However, in the middle of the week, Amy decided she wanted to go over. She sat there for a few minutes, then announced she was going to go and join in. For some reason, this year she was quite happy to join in the dances. Then came the big surprise.. they asked for a few of the younger ones to volunteer to go up on the stage to do a dance.. and Amy climbed straight up! She joined in the dance, and was then the proud owner of a special medallion and certificate!

Amy also managed to provide some more drama.. whilst we left some clothes washing in the laundry room, my mum, Beth and I went to the entertainment centre. My mum sat with a cup of coffee, and Amy even walked over and spoke to her at one point. Amy, Beth and I went to look at something, and I suddenly realised that Amy wasn’t with us.. I assumed she’d wandered back to her nan. However, when we got to the sofa, she wasn’t there. So, next assumption.. she must be sitting in one of the ‘cars’ in the arcade. When we realised that she wasn’t, the worry started…

After double checking everywhere, I was just about to speak to the security people when my mobile went off.. it was Glen, and Amy had turned up at the caravan! It appears that she couldn’t see any of us (I guess she couldn’t see my mum), had decided that we had left, so thought the best thing was to take herself back to the caravan! It’s not that close, and there are some ‘roads’ to cross (she actually told me she had stopped to let 3 cars go by), so I think for a 4 year old, it was quite impressive. Very scary for us, but at least she has a sensible head on those shoulders!

Anyway, that’s another cold and windy British holiday over! Next year I might go away in April, hoping to catch those strange little ‘heat waves’ we get at odd times of the year! LOL

Photos are here, if you’d like to look. 🙂

Back to the washing and ironing….


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..decide that you want to have a quiet day reading. That was my intention, and instead I spent most of my day cleaning, tidying, vacuuming, washing, ironing etc etc. Glen has been decorating recently, and has finally finished.. once I started sorting the place out, I had trouble stopping!

I have to admit, part of the reason I wanted to keep going was that we go on holiday on Friday, and I like to come back to a fairly tidy house.

So, two days at work, then two days trying to pack. Well, there’s four of us, and this is a holiday in England, where the weather could do just about anything, so it takes quite a bit of packing! lol

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So, leave a comment, and find out what your wavatar looks like! {grin}

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