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Reviewing… part 1

I’ve been considering quite a long piece about reviewing, about why I do it, my style, what I like and dislike to see others doing, etc. However, blog posts take me some time, and I have a book I need to get back to. I have a busy week coming, so limited reading time ahead. So, I decided to break it up a little, and write in sections.

So to begin, why do I review, and how did it happen? Well, I’ve always been a reader, but starting my book forum almost 10 years ago has gradually widened my horizon.. not just with the books I read, but also with the wider book world. With the help of email and twitter, I’ve come in contact with publishers and authors, I’ve been offered books to read and review, and I’ve requested some as well. I can’t actually remember how this started initially, it’s just something which has built up and developed.

I started by writing the reviews on the forum, then after a while I started a review blog.. but I found a team of people on the forum to help, and we reviewed all kinds of books, rather than focusing on a particular genre, or on books we had been sent. Over time, many of these others have stopped posting, and it’s a lot quieter. I tend to only write reviews for the books I’ve been sent, and I go through periods of choosing my own books, and choosing not to review them.

I don’t consider myself a blogger, as I don’t have the time to do a full, decent job. I write reviews on the review blog, and then I occasionally write bookish blog pieces over here. There are a some lovely book blogs out there, and I admire the time and energy spent on them.. but it’s not something I can commit to.

My favourite books to review are those which are not yet published, or only just. I love picking up a book with no real knowledge of what to expect, and taking that journey. I’m easily put off a book by a bad review, so I actually like to be able to make my own mind up before the internet is awash with others views.

Of course that sometimes (ok, often) means I’ll pick up a book which looks and sounds great, but isn’t for me. In the past I would have carried on, but I now tend to put it to one side. I love it when a book really grabs me, and I just have to keep reading. So, some books sent to me will not get reviewed, and I feel bad about that, but then I’d rather spend my time reading, reviewing, and chatting about the ones I love. I hope publishers and authors get that?

That brings me to the other reason I like reviewing.. if I like a book, I will look out for the author, see if they’re on twitter or facebook, and check out their websites. Most are lovely, and will respond to a review link or a message, and many I still enjoy following on twitter. That connection between reader and author is one of my favourite things.

Ok.. back to reading. I’m half way through Endgame, and it’s one of ‘those’ books – I’m addicted! 🙂


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