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In April, I am going to see Beyond the Barricade, at my local theatre.

Les Mis captured my heart when I went to see it in London. I adore most of the songs, but if they sing this one at the show, I just know I’ll be blubbing like an idiot!


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Children’s TV…


Ninky Nonk

Pinky Ponk

Upsy Daisy



Makka Pakka

Of course, every parent of a young child knows that these are the ‘characters’ from ‘In the Night Garden‘. Amy loves it, as do, I believe many other youngsters. Everytime I watch it, however, I find myself wondering if the writers were smoking something they shouldn’t when they came up with those names!

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I haven’t posted for a few days, so I thought I’d share a few random happenings, and thoughts.

~ I went to Beth’s ‘parent consultation evening’ last week, and she was once again highly praised. Not only is she still well behaved, and working hard, but she’s also showing leadership, and is very thoughtful. 🙂

Something tells me that Amy is going to be a little different… lol

~ We’ve been doing a little baking around here. First came the little fairy cakes (cupcakes), which the girls love decorating. Today Beth and I attempted an apple crumble.. and it was actually pretty good! Apparently Beth wants to try scones next!

~ We’re not a very healthy household atm.. both girls have had bad coughs, and I seem to have the sore throat that’s doing the rounds. Lovely!

And finally…

~ Demi Moore has been using leeches to ‘detoxify’. She says.. “It detoxifies your blood… generally you bleed for quite a bit and your health is optimised, and I’m feeling very detoxified right now!”

Words fail me!

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Did you know that many writers and authors out there in blogland run contests and giveaways?

Katherine Warwick is at present running a contest linked to the US TV show, Dancing With The Stars. All you need to do is guess which star will be voted off each week, and you could win a copy of her latest book, Savage. (Previously, entrants outside the US have been offered an e-copy.. I’ll get Katherine to fill us in with the details.)

One of my other favourite authors, Raven Hart, often runs contests in her blog. Prizes often include copies of her books, or hand made jewellry.

Another one to run great contests is Jennifer McKenzie/Leeland.

Do you know of any other writer / author blogs that run contests? Do share. 🙂

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It’s moving fast…

In this post, I told you about Beth coming up with the idea of a class magazine, which she started to make with a few friends. Yesterday it was ready to go, and they started to sell it (yes, they decided to charge 20p per copy, with the money going back to the school).. the head and the teachers were very supportive, and the class are interested, so she is already jangling a purse full of coins, and is very pleased with herself!

Her head told her that she could tell everyone about it in assembly today (what happened to my quiet daughter?!), and this has sparked the idea to expand to a school magazine. We chatted about it yesterday evening, and I’ve told her she needs to chat to her head/teachers first (rather than just handing them all that photocopying!), and I also told her she’d have to make sure she had interesting content. She seems extremely excited by the whole thing!

I attempted the same thing when younger, but it wasn’t until 6th form college (and it didn’t come to much.. shh!), the fact that she’s coming up with these ideas in year 4 still surprises me.

I did ask her who was ‘the boss’.. she explained that it was her and Mayas, but Mayas just agrees with everything she says! Way to go girl! LOL

Here’s what Beth has to say about it.. http://bethrose.wordpress.com/ Go take a look. 🙂

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Young Magazine Editor!

When I got in from work yesterday, Beth started telling me about an idea she had had, to produce a magazine for her class. She already had 2 helpers, and was making fliers to give out, to get 2 more volunteers.

They had already decided on competitions, jokes, puzzles etc, so I discussed with her the idea of having news about her class and the school, and reporting back on events.. ideas she also liked. She sat and listed their plans, so they could talk to their teacher this morning.

After school today, she was pleased to report that they had chosen their 2 new volunteers, and that her teacher was very happy to help out. She’s already written out the first draft, ready to go over it with her friends tomorrow.

Considering that she’s only 9, and it was all her own idea, do we have a future editor in the making?! 🙂

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The News Today…

I’ve just been drinking my coffee, and taking a look at the BBC news. I just thought I’d share a few things, and give my thoughts on them.

One in four teenage girls in the United States has a sexually-transmitted disease, a study has indicated.

This was a study looking at girls aged 14-19. HPV was the most common, followed by chlamydia, trichomoniasis and herpes. The really sad thing is that HPV can go on to cause cervical cancer, and chlamydia often affects fertility.

I’m not sure what saddens me the most – the fact that young girls are in such a rush to start having sex, or that they’re not taking care of themselves when they do so. Condoms can play such an important role in preventing many STDs, but for some reason, young people seem so reluctant to use them.

Tube workers vote to go on strike.

Again?! Honestly, there are so many underpaid jobs out there, who deserve better, but choose not to strike, because of the effect it will have. When tube workers go on strike, they cause travel disruption for so many people. Is it really justified, time and time again?

Which leads me on to my next point..

Budget Day!

Apparently the chancellor has decided not to put any more tax on the price of petrol, considering it has jumped so high recently. Friend’s of the Earth have said, “Abandoning plans to increase fuel duty will seriously undermine the government’s green credentials.

Ok.. this may sound selfish, and I might get shouted at, but right now, rising petrol charges are more important to me that the government trying to look ‘green’. I know the environment is important, and we need to get out of our cars as much as possible, but there are plenty of times that we need our cars, and petrol costs are getting ridiculous. And what are the alternatives for people.. public transport isn’t always close enough, or reliable (plus at school times, there are lots of loud, rude kids to deal with), and there’s point relying on the tube, because they’ll be out on strike! 😉

There’s also talk of greatly increasing alcohol taxes, to try to curb binge drinking.. in youngsters in particular. I’m not actually sure that it will help with that particular problem.. instead something needs to be done about this culture that is arising with youngsters.. of hanging around, and getting drunk, because there’s nothing better to do. I’d like to see more coffee bars, youth centres, activity centres etc.. let’s give young people something to do with their time.

As for cigarettes, let’s make them as expensive as possible.. in my job, I see the health effects that they have, and it makes me so angry.. but let’s also make smoking cessation help even more readily available. The NHS are doing better, with lots of support available. However, how about making patches etc free for all, if they see an advisor. As with everything, those on benefits get these free, whilst others have to pay prescription charges. Let’s make it equally available for all.

Finally.. “A ‘daydreaming’ lorry driver who caused two women’s deaths has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.”

This guy admitted in court that he had been daydreaming, and distracted by his laptop. He drove into the back of a car, and pushed it under a horse box. The two ladies in the car, only in their 40s, both died.

Distracted by a laptop?! Whilst driving a lorry on a motorway?! And.. only three and a half years? Not enough!

Well, there you go, my ramblings are over! As Jen would say, Just Sayin’!

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