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Bad blogger!

Was it really January when I last blogged?! I am such a bad blogger! So, what is there to say? Well, I started a new job in March, and it’s been going well. I only work 23.5 hours a week, over 4 days – and yet somehow it feels like a LOT more! LOL

I’m still reading, whenever I can grab the time, and still trying to write reviews!

The girls are doing great – Beth had a good report at the end of year 7, and is now settling back into year 8. She’s joined Dartford’s U13 girls footie team, and they have a rather cool new pink kit..

Amy’s also received a brill report at the end of year 2, and skipped happily into year 3. To you and me, that means she’s gone from Infants to Juniors! 😉

My mum has moved, I’m pleased to say she’s very happy in her new flat.

So.. if anyone is actually still reading this bog, what have I missed?!


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