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Best laid plans…

When I was sorting out my last few days of annual leave, I had one day spare to take. I knew I was working an extra day yesterday, so decided that today would be a good day. It was going to be a day for me.. I intended to listen to MY music, watch MY tv, read, and caych up with reviews.

Best laid plans and all that.. I have Amy at home with me, as she’s off school with a cough, and temperature! Mind you, it’s not too bad, it just means that instead of Desperate Housewives, it’s CBeebies on the tv!

The main problem, however, seems to be of my own making.. every time I’ve sat down, I’ve been distracted.. by washing, cooking, vacuuming, etc etc! I’ve done most things, and have sat myself down with a cup of tea.. but there’s this nagging voice telling me that the bathroom needs cleaning!



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Two weeks ago, Bethany was off school with a bad cough, temperature etc.. this meant Glen taking time off work, and then her coming in to work with me for a few hours.

This week it’s Amy’s turn.. but Glen can’t be expected to take much more time off, and it’s not quite so suitable to take in a 4 year old. He did manage to work from home this morning, but had to be at a meeting this afternoon. So, I had to leave work dead on time, rush home, and take over!

The joys of being a working mother, even if just part time.. juggling childcare.

As for the second part, well.. I sorted something out for the girls to eat, then cooked something for Glen and I.. only to realise that I’d done so an hour too early!! Doh!  I imagine my brain remembered being at work, and thought I’d picked the girls from nursery at 4:30, rather than school at 3:15.

So, three dinners cooked tonight! {rolls eyes}

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Oops, nearly a month and a half since I last had anything to say! Actually, I’m sure I’ve had plenty to say, I just haven’t blogged about it! hehe

So.. since I wrote about Beth, I’ve also been in to see Amy’s teacher.. and it appears she’s a bit of a sponge, mopping up all they teach her! I must admit, it is nice to have clever kids, and I hope they can use it properly as they grow up.

Beth had to take some time off school, with a rather nasty cough – she slept quite a lot, and went off her food, so she must have been feeling rough!

I had a very busy, stressful week at work, and actually ended up in tears, but thankfully last week was calmer. I have a day’s annual leave on Friday, and I am really looking forward to it, even if I do spend it doing laundry and tidying! LOL

Sigh.. the ironing calls…

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