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Choosing books….

I took Amy (8) for a trip to Waterstones the other day, and suggested many books to her, but this was her final choice…

The two at the bottom obviously don’t push her at all, and she’s read them very quickly. The top two were, I think, only chosen because they mentioned ‘Jubilee’ and ‘Olympics’, two subjects they’re discussing at school, and I’m not sure they will get read.

I really wanted to be able to say that she’d chosen some more difficult books, as I know she’s technically a good reader. I want to feel she’s pushing herself, and developing her reading.

But then I had a turn-around. She’s only 8, and has loads of time to develop. What I really want to do is encourage and nuture that love of reading and books which I have. I want her to *choose* to read, and to enjoy it, rather than trying to manage a more difficult book just because her mum says she should!

So how do you feel about your children – do you encourage them to read more difficult books, or just enjoy what *they* choose? And readers.. how was your childhood, and did it affect how you feel about books/reading today?




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Thank you Liz Pichon!

Authors are a lovely bunch! My youngest, Amy, is a keen reader, but recently she’s been very attached to the Tom Gates books – re-reading them almost constantly! I wrote to Liz, to let her know, and also to enquire about how to get a book signed.

Not only did she sent Amy a signed sticker to put in her book, but also a signed postcard and a personal note for her. This made Amy very happy, and hopefully has increased her love of all things bookish!

So thank you very much to a lovely author!

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Looking for suggestions…

Daughter 1 – 8 years old, a good reader, but seems to be stuck on re-reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, and the Tom Gates ones. She seems to like humour, but specifically diary format books.

Daughter 2 – 13 years old, no problems with reading, but not at all keen. I’m desperate to find something which might grab her interest. She needs to get straight into a book otherwise she gets bored with it. She’s recently started watching crime TV shows, in particular Grimm and Castle. I’m wondering if there’s anything for teens which covers crimes? Or any other ideas?

Thank you! 🙂

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Enter here: http://bcfreviews.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/win-a-signed-copy-of-torn-by-cat-clarke/

Good luck!

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