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As I may well have mentioned before, I am prone to these particularly nasty headaches, but generally I get one or two a month, generally close together. Recently, though, that frequency has greatly increased, and I’m getting rather fed up with them!

I read a theory in a book that sufferers have a tolerance level.. for example, missing a meal may not generally be a trigger, but if you are stressed, then you miss a meal, it pushes you beyond your tolerance level, and you get a migraine.

The book probably made more sense than I am!

Anyway, that theory certainly seems to making sense right now. There are a lot of things going on at work, plus it’s been generally rather busy. I’m feeling tired, and stressed. It therefore doesn’t seem to take much to set off a migraine.

This morning was rather rushed (the girls were going to have their school photos today, so Beth had to have a hair wash), and I didn’t get breakfast. I then went to the hairdressers.. and sitting with cold hair for a while always means I leave feeling rather cold, and hence tense. All of this seems to have combined to give me yet another migraine.

It started as a general headache, so I took normal painkillers. Then it progressed, so I took my triptan. That combination always seems to make me feel rather unwell, which doesn’t help. The headache did go.. but I can feel it creeping back a bit. :o(

Oh well.. moan over, thanks for ‘listening’! ;0)


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My eldest has never had much of a problem with reading, but it’s not something she seems to particularly enjoy.. and is very, very fussy when it comes to picking a book.

For a book-LOVING mum, that’s rather worrying!

Then along came the author Sue Mongredien, who sent me the lovely Tigers Love to Say Goodnight, and two Oliver Moon books. We all enjoyed the Tiger book, but Beth wasn’t that interested in the Oliver Moon ones though.

A short while ago though, that all changed.. she sat and read one of them, quickly moved to the second, then marched me down to the library to find some more!

She’s now actually asking to read when she goes to bed, and is wondering what she’s going to pick when she finishes the Oliver ones that she has. I just hope that she can choose something!

Anyway, a big thank you to Sue.. and a recommendation for the Oliver Moon series! :0)

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Although Amy started school last Monday, this is actually the first morning that I’ve dropped them both off, and I have nothing specific planned. That means that I’ve come home, done some laundry, made a coffee, and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop.. all by myself!

There’s no CBeebies in the background, no cries of “Muuuuuuuummm!”.. it’s wonderfully quiet!

I di think I deserve it though.. work was extremely busy on Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday I had a rather traumatic visit to the dentist. (Yes, I know I’m generally a wuss, but it was pretty bad.. honest!) I feel a bit washed out, and I think I need my recovery time! 😉

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Busy Reading!

I’ve previously mentioned reviewing books, and the book forum’s review blog is going from strength to strength. This means that I am getting lots of offers of books to read, some of which are even unpublished proof copies.

The wonderful owner of bluechrome publishing has introduced me to some great new authors, and I recently recieved a lovely box from PanMacmillan. Along with other connections, it means that I have lots to keep me going.. and what better way to escape for a while, than with a book? 🙂

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