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The dreaded letter has arrived from school.. on World Book Day (Thursday!), they want the children to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.. bringing that book with them.

Ok, so it’s a nice idea.. but what on earth am I meant to come up with?! It’s got to be a recognisable book character, they have to own said book, plus it’s got to be warm enough to be worn all day.. in March!

For example, Amy has a cute little ‘Dora The Explorer’ outfit.. yes, she’s a TV character, but Amy has enjoyed her fair share of Dora books.. but it’s shorts and a t-shirt! Not exactly the most sensible outfit to wear all day when it’s cold!

I need ideas please.. and I need them fast!


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Blogging Motivation….

If you see mine hanging around, can you send it back to me please?! I’m not sure what the cause is.. obviously time (lack of) plays a large part, but I think it’s also wondering why anyone would be interested in my random ramblings!?

I do have some news to share.. I have a shiny new toy, in the form of a netbook! Yes, I probably am a bit of a sad geek but never mind, it keeps me happy! :0) Want to see a photo?!

I’m having a rather lazy start to my day today.. it’s been a busy week so far, and ‘m recovering from a headache that lasted for 24 hours, so I think I deserve it. Now, where’s my book?! :0)

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And so the country comes to a halt..

However, I’m not surprised. I’m getting annoyed with people complaining that other countries have heavy snow, and they continue to function.. for them it’s a usual occurrence, and so yes, they are geared up for it. This is the worse snow for 18 years (and I remember that snow in 1991, I had a great time in Hyde Park!), and so I think it’s very understandable that we can’t cope.

Anyway, the girls’ school is shut, so they’re at home; the Old Bailey is shut, so Glen is here; and after half an hour of wandering around and debating whether I should get to work, I finally decided not to risk my car, and myself, by driving in it. If the buses have been taken off the roads, I’m certainly not going to attempt it! lol

Beth was out just now, and it’s at 18cms. It’s snowing again at the moment, and we’re expecting quite a bad snow storm in a few hours. It doesn’t sound as if we’ll go anywhere tomorrow either.

Of course the girls are happy, and there’s nothing Glen can do.. but I’m a little stressed over work. Tomorrow I run a warfarin clinic, but I’m sure that either I won’t get in, or my patients won’t.. they need to be seen, so I imagine I’ll be double booked next Tuesday! I also lose annual leave days whilst I’m off.

But moving away from all that, the girls have had fun, and the garden looks pretty… http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjmoore/sets/72157613228874561/

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